Research Participation

Interested in participating in Research?

A Message from the Global Health Services Research RIG

You are invited to participate in a research study designed by members of the Global Health RIG of ENRS.  Participation is completely voluntary. Please read the information below and ask questions about anything that you do not understand.  A researcher listed below will be available to answer your questions.

Introduction and Purpose

Our names are Drs. Keville Frederickson and Kelley Newlin. Dr. Frederickson is a Professor in the Lienhard School of Nursing. At Pace University and Dr. Newlin at University of Connecticut. We would like to invite you to take part in this research study, with our primary objective to learn more about global health initiatives across northeastern departments, schools and colleges of nursing to better understand our collective global work.



If you agree to participate in my research, you will be asked to complete the online survey/ questionnaire.  The survey will involve questions about the organization of your global health programs at your school/college, and should take about 10 minutes to complete.



There is no direct benefit to you from taking part in this study. It is hoped that the research will increase our understanding of ENRS nursing’s collective global work.



As with all research, there is a very minimal chance that confidentiality could be compromised; however, we are taking extra precautions to minimize this risk.



Confidentiality will be strictly maintained by: (1) not collecting ISP addresses; and (2) assigning a code number to each respondent so that data are never directly linked with a participant’s survey submission.

When the research is completed, we may save the data for use in future research that will extend our understanding of global health organization. Records will be retained for up to 5 years after the study is over.  The same measures described above will be taken to protect confidentiality of this study data.



You will not be paid for taking part in this study.



Participation in research is completely voluntary.  You are free to decline to take part in the project.  You can decline to answer any questions and are free to stop taking part in the project at any time.  Whether or not you choose to participate, to answer any particular question, or continue participating in the project, there will be no penalty to you or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.



If you have any questions about this research, please feel free to contact me at


If you have any questions about your rights or treatment as a research participant in this study, please contact Office of Sponsored Research by phone, (212) 346-1153, by e-mail at


You should click “agree” to the consent form until all of your questions about this study have been answered by a member of the research team listed at the top of this form. You may make a copy of this signed and dated consent form to keep. Participation in this study is voluntary.  You may refuse to answer any question or discontinue your involvement at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which you might otherwise be entitled.


Global Health Research Interest Group (RIG) Survey

Nursing Research Opportunity

A Message from the LGBTQIA Health and Health Disparities RIG

We are collecting data using a survey to examine researchers’ experience collecting sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) data in research studies. As such, researchers may use a variety of questions to capture SOGI data, which can make it difficult to compare findings across studies.  Hence this work will contribute to an improved understanding of SOGI data collection approaches in research studies.

There is no compensation, but the RIG members intend to share the findings and subsequent recommendations with the larger ENRS community. Please click on the link to participate in the study.

This survey will take no more than 10 minutes.