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We are here to serve you, our members, as the go-to resource for job opportunities as well as connect employers to highly skilled nursing research professionals.

Why should you post here vs. a standard career center? 

  • The ENRS Job Board pushes jobs to the Google Job Network under a Featured Listing
  • Visibility from our members
  • Access to a Resume Bank
  • Incredibly convenient, and easy to use 
  • Discounted rates available for members
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   Job Posting Cost

  • A 75-word (or less words) job posting will cost $100.
  • A job posting of 76 to 200 words will cost $130.
  • Job postings over 200 words will be charged $150 but no job posting may exceed 300 words.
  • To run an ad for an additional 30 days after the initial posting will cost a flat $50 regardless of word count. No changes to the original ad will be permitted.
    How to Post a Job

  • Click here to post your job.
  • Click on your job posting word count to get started.
  • Select “Job Posting” for the listing type.
  • Upload your post.
  • Pay for your post.
  • Jobs postings need to be approved and can take up to 48 hours to go live on the website.

Please note: All job postings must be submitted and paid for online.