Research Interest Group

Palliative Care


  • Provide a networking forum for nurse scientists in the field of Palliative Care

  • Work with ENRS to translate evidence to guide practice and education and to influence policy

  • Provide peer mentoring and scientific support to new and experienced nurse scientists in the field of Palliative Care

  • Facilitate collaborative research in the clinical area of Palliative Care

Who Should Join?

Individuals interested in palliative care, end of life care, hospice care, patient populations with incurable illness, patient coping, and symptom management.

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Publications & Presentations

  • Bressler, T., Xu, J., & Hagan, T. L. (2017, July). Palliative care and the nurse’s role. Poster presentation at the 28th International Nursing Research Congress of the Sigma Theta Tau International: Dublin, Ireland.

  • Hagan, T.L., Lopez, R, Xu, J., & Bressler, T.. (Under review). Nursing's role in leading palliative care: A call to action. Nurse Educing Today. Revise and resubmit.

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Palliative Care RIG meeting

Contact Information

Chair: Toby Bressler, PhD, RN, OCN
Co-Chair: Teresa Hagan, PhD, RN

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Use this hashtag: #ENRS_PallCare

Inception Date

September 1, 2017